We buy forest lands and felling sites.
Managing more than 900 ha of forest land


The main end product is Birch profile kits and also various types of beads, which are exported to European furniture manufacturers


Excavator, trailer, Timber and forwarder services.


SIA "SLAIGO" specializējas taras zāģmateriālu un koka palešu ražošanā

The company SIA "SELKO" was founded in august 18, 1994.

Currently the company has over 25 years of experience in business and it has more than 50 employees. Has developed a professional and cohesive team that is ready to cooperate in any of the areas of activity!

 At the beginning of our 20 years of entrepreneurial experience, we started with forest harvesting services and later added woodworking services. As SIA "Selko" grew and developed, the company also added furniture production team, and now we offer many different services.  SIA “SELKO” is ready for future development and cooperation in many fields. Managing more than 900 ha of forest land. The company performs forestring, produces Birch lumber and furniture blanks, preforms tare and various non-standard pallets, as well as providing services, transport of timber, processing, drying and planing.Presently, we have 25 professional employees.

In addition the company offers the services of excavator.

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