We have 15 years of woodworking experience.
SIA Selko main products are various birch-tree furniture templates and planed-profile laths (strips), which are exported to European furniture manufacturers. Currently we process about 300m³ of birch-tree lumber in a month. All our lumber comes from our own forests.

Birch wood sorting into various grades of quality ensures the proper use and product quality. Have the opportunity to purchase hardwood Birch battens, natural properties is ecological and durable material.

AA short-from 350 EUR

AA-from 450 EUR

AA long-from 600 EUR

BB short-from 300 EUR

BB-from 420 EUR

Frame-from 180 EUR

Birch battens are produced from high-quality sawn timber (veneer blocks), from which in the production process separates away core. The first material is sawn in not sawned battens, dried and then in sawned battens (fixed width without bark). Core material realized as Frame Grade.

Birch preforms are produced in the manufacture - glued together, as well as for the production of furniture.

The preforms are graded by quality:

AA-4 sides without branches and visible defects. Does not allow kernel coloring.

AB- 2 sides free of branches and visible defects, 2 other sides allow live branches up to 20 mm in diameter, as well as black point branches up to 5 mm in diameter. B side allows a small kernel.

BB-4 sides without branches and visible defects. Allows unlimited kernel coloring, as well as small branches up to 5 mm in diameter.

Frame-4 sides allowed without out falling branches, as well as the colouring of the kernel and core, which is not significantly affect the strength of the material. It is a basic material for soft furniture cage. Frame grade Birch can also be calibrated (planed)-S2 or S4.

The standard size for sawned preforms:

24 (available in all thickness) * 45/75 (100/125/150 mm or any width).

We buy a birch veneer blocks:

Ø 24 cm, from the first and second straight, length 2.75/3.10 m

price 70-90 EUR/m3 (depending on quality)